1/9/2013 - Christopher Plummer Narrates Titans of the Ice Age

Giant Screen Films is pleased to announce Academy Award® winning actor Christopher Plummer has signed on to narrate Titans of the Ice Age, launching worldwide January 25, 2013.  Winner of numerous television, theater, and film awards, including the 2011 Oscar® for Best Supporting Actor, Plummer is well known for his roles in The Sound of MusicDisney’s UpThe InsiderThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and The Beginners.  In Titans, Plummer will take viewers back in time -- 20,000 years -- to a harsh and beautiful world populated by ice age giants.

Peer through the giant 3D canvas to an ancient world of ice, the dawn of our species, a time when humans shared the tundra with majestic woolly beasts.  Shot largely in and around the picturesque Yellowstone National Park, Titans of the Ice Age will captivate audiences with a vision of a world buried in our ancestral memory, inhabited by creatures of both familiar and exotic -- a brief instant in the Earth's geological history that provokes fundamental questions about why, even as today's climate shifts, humans remain -- but other Ice Age titans were lost.

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