8/14/2013 - Praise for Titans of the Ice Age

Mammoths and saber-tooth cats may have succumbed to extinction, but they are thriving at the box office.

Titans of the Ice Age is the box office success of the year! I’d highly, highly recommend that any museum director book this movie and run it strong! It will feature on our dome for over a year – at least.” 
-Elaine Greene-Yancey, Vice-President of Operations and Business Development, McWane Science Center

Titans is a beautiful film – perfect for the giant screen – and it really makes the connection between our environmental challenges today and those faced by the mammoths, and our ancestors. An instant classic!
-Amanda Bennett, Director of Marketing, Denver Museum of Nature and Science

“Dave Clark and Reed Smoot’s long experience [in the giant screen medium], combined with some of the most realistic and seamless CGI, made Titans the hit of the Film Expo.”
-James Hyder, Editor/Publisher, LF Examiner

Very engaging! An immersive view into the Pleistocene.”
-Zarth Bertsch, Director, Theaters, Smithsonian Enterprises

"This film is simply rocking our theater! It’s great to see so many adults and kids who want to “chill out” with TitansTitans of the Ice Age and Dinosaurs Alive, together accounted for a 55% jump in our capture this summer!”
-Hallie Johnson, Marketing and Public Relations Manager, San Diego Natural History Museum 

"Titans of the Ice Age is a no-brainer and box office gold: extinct giants, stunning photography, top-notch CGI, and a timely science story. It’s a perfect film for families, schools and publicity events!
-Brandon Compton, Director of Theaters, Moody Gardens

“The Ice Age topic is big hit with children…the CGI is some of the best I've ever seen in a large format film. I’m very happy with how it turned out for the dome.
-Jackie Mollet, Sr. Director, Theater, Exhibitions & Visitor Services, Saint Louis Science Center

“From anthropology to geology, biology to zoology, Titans of the Ice Age engages students in core disciplines being taught in classrooms, and the film is also a great fit for our core demographic of family viewers.”
-Jennifer Grant Warner, Sr. Vice President & Chief Programming Officer, Fernbank Museum of Natural History, Atlanta

“Titans of the Ice Age has been a very popular film…both entertaining and educational. The CGI is wonderful and provides the viewer with a feeling of being transported back in time.”
-Jim Remar, President/COO, Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center, Hutchinson, KS

I love this film!
-Gary Hyatt, Director of Venue Guest Experience, Thanksgiving Point, Lehi, UT

“Audience response to the film from both the public and school groups has been overwhelmingly positive.”
-Tony Hardy, IMAX Theater Manager, Pink Palace Museum, Memphis

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