Location Cast & Support

The Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits  
Vice President & Museum  Counsel Jim Gilson
Vice President, Marketing Cynthia Wornham
Manager, Communications Lauren Clark
Museum Maintenance Jonathan Mayoral
Office Manager Linda Sharp
Rancho La Brea Department Team Shelley Cox
  Aisling Farrell
  John Harris, Ph.D
  Barbara Hill
  Carrie Howard
  Abraham Jaramillo
  Christina Lutz
  Karin Rice
  Herb Schiff
  Jack Schwellenbach
  Michelle Tabencki
  Gary Takeuchi
  Laura Tewksbury
  Trevor Valle
  Judith Sydner-Gordon
The Mammoth Site  
Site Manager Joseph Muller
Mammoth Site Research Team Larry Agenbroad, Ph.D
  Monica Bugbee
  Rodney Horricks
  Kelli Juhl
  Isabel (Maya Griffin) Meyer
  Curt Nettinya
  Chelsea Payne
  Olga Potapoua
Missouri State History Museum  
Director of Communications Everett Dietle
Exhibit Designer Diane Riley
Electrician Robert Heard
Museum Visitors Gretta Bischoff
  Eric Brown
  Zion Brown
  Zoe Brown
  Patricia Giaminetti
  Tami Goldman
  Kai Hovey
  Bruce Major
  Jennifer Major
  Madison Major
  Cate McGinnis
  Donna McGinnis
  Hollee McGinnis
  Mari McGinnis
  Sally McGinnis
  Katie Meyers
  Maddie Meyers
  William Meyers
  Amari Norman
  Malik Norman
  Patrice Norman
  Grant Timm
Hong Kong Science Museum  
Museum Coordinator Paulina SM CHAN
Global Creative Exhibitions Karen Chang
Cast Kristie Lee
Special thanks to the Yamal-Nenets Regional Museum Exhibition Complex named after I.S.Shemanovsky for providing the exhibition mammoth, Lyuba   
Museum Director Sergei Y. Grishin
Museum & Exhibition Curator Galina Karzanova